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Kalyan Chatterjee

The writer has been a media professional for 38 years. He was the former HoD of the Amity School of Communication, Amity University.
Van Gujjars

Friends of Forests

February 6, 2022
To achieve the target of restricting the rise in global warming to not more than 1.5o C by 2030, the emission of greenhouse gases all over the planet needs to come down by 7.5% annually for a decade, starting in 2020, according

Decoding India’s Population Riddle

January 20, 2022
Much is being made of a recent finding about India’s fertility rate dropping to replacement level, giving rise to the impression that the country has finally succeeded in defusing the “population explosion bomb”. But has India finally reversed population growth? No black

Time To Flip Thinking

September 21, 2021
“Learning is an activity of thought. It is not stuffing the mind with facts.” — University Education Commission,1948-49 Teaching, learning, flipped classrooms, smart classrooms, online classes, blended or hybrid teaching, or concepts like learning management. A host of new-fangled technological and management
digital divide due to corona

Bits and Bytes of a Class Division

August 2, 2021
Nothing has brought the digital divide into sharper focus than the Covid-19 pandemic. The topic of the divide had been hitherto limited to academic circles, and was sometimes highlighted in the media. Those with access to the internet—the most ubiquitous symbol of

Question of the Collective

For nearly one-and-a-half decades the world has been plunged into a dilemma it has not yet found a way of getting out of. The final straw that is breaking the proverbial camel’s back is the Covid-19 pandemic that has halted the world