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Ashay Bhave, Founder of Thaely on How Plastic Recycling is actually an opportunity for Businesses

Workshop on Birds for Children with Multiple Disabilities | Tatsat Chronicles

Nitin Gupta, CEO, Attero Recycling on India’s EPR regime and challenges for E-Waste Recycling

Tears of Ganga

The Ganga has been revered through the ages. Apart from mythological references, the constant flow and presence of certain organisms in its waters have bestowed a special status on it. The holy river has nurtured

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PIB busts six YouTube fake news channels with a total page view of more than 513 million ...https://tatsatchronicle.com/pib-busts-six-youtube-fake-news-channels-with-a-total-page-view-of-more-than-513-million/
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Tata Mumbai Marathon raises ₹30 crore for 249 NGOs through its philanthropy partner ...https://tatsatchronicle.com/tata-mumbai-marathon-raises-%e2%82%b930-crore-for-249-ngos-through-its-philanthropy-partner/

Safe evacuation of Joshimath residents is the top priority: NCMC

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