Pond Man’s Quest: A Campaign To Revive Waterbodies

Standing at the edge of what looks like a few acres of slush and wastewater with heavy growth of water weeds like hyacinth, 35-year-old Ramveer Tanwar of Dadha village in Greater Noida mumbles, “This used to be a healthy waterbody 20 years

Pots Of Tradition And Heritage

After driving out of Imphal southeastwards for about an hour, the sense of approaching Thongjao village takes hold as earthenware adorning the entrances of houses along the road catches the eye. This quaint village is the pottery hub of Manipur. Thongjao’s potters

The World Has A Wage Problem

When a once-in-a-lifetime event unfolds, its ripple effect can last for years. This has been strongly underlined in the latest Global Wage Report that has been released by the International Labour Organisation (ILO). It sounds a dire warning that lower than expected


Seventy-five years ago, when India made its tryst with destiny, there were very few certainties about what the future held for a country that was emerging as a free nation amidst the ruins of World War II. In this first flush of

Taming Global Warming Through Rewilding

Every trick that has occurred to environmentalists, forest departments, governments and even the judiciary has been tried to regreen the surface of the earth and check environmental deterioration — be it planting more trees or curbing forest fires or cordoning off forest

A Ban And Many Questions

India’s attempt to regulate single-use plastic (SUP) kicked in from July 1, 2022, with the government imposing a ban on select items. It is part of the larger effort to reduce the use of plastic in the long term. But making India

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