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  One of the most alarming human interest stories in recent times is unfolding in the temple town of Joshimath in Uttarakhand. Yet, it has disappeared from the mainstream media. The subsidence of Joshimath should serve as a cautionary tale for blindly “chasing the mirage of development”. The events unfolding in the Himalayan town of approximately 20,000 people is a timely reminder that mindless exploitation of nature and ecology eventually leads only in one direction: devastation. But in the end, it’s the common man who pays the price, and not those who sold the misplaced development dream in the first place.  
  This month’s cover story combines extensive ground reporting with deep research to separate the grain from the chaff. What we learnt during the course of our investigation is that the Joshimath ecological disaster was completely avoidable, if only those charged with the running of affairs of the country and the state had heeded the warnings that date back more than 50 years.  
  At the time of going to press, approximately 900 houses and commercial establishments had developed cracks in their structures. Some were in the process of being demolished. The biggest lesson from the events unfolding in Joshimath is that before undertaking any large infrastructure projects in the Himalayan region science, data, and generational wisdom should never be ignored. Otherwise, nature’s payback will be unforgiving. The government should seriously evaluate the ongoing construction of all large hydropower projects in the Himalaya and take remedial steps at the earliest.  
  In this issue, we have also taken a close look at the likely impact of the major cuts in the Union Budget 2023-24 in social sector spending. Even as the economy continues to recover from pandemic shocks, the reduced budgetary outlay for various social welfare schemes, which cater to the poorest of the poor, doesn’t augur well.  
  It’s been more than a year since the murder of Punjabi star musician Sidhu Moose Wala, but the case is nowhere near being solved. We trace the story of how Punjab’s music industry became a prime target for the underworld in the state.  
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Land subsidence in Joshimath was a catastrophe waiting to happen: a classic case of what happens when the development wagon goes off the rails at the cost of generational wisdom, science, ecology, and the forces of nature. Sadly, it is ordinary folk who pay the price, and not those who sold dirt in the guise of gold dust...
COMMENTARY : Holes In The Safety Net: The Impact Of Social Sector Spending Cuts
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Sustainability : Tears of Ganga: The Story of Namami Gange
The government claims that the Namami Gange project to clean the Ganga is on course to meet the targets and objectives but, according to scientific studies conducted by experts, the water quality is continuously deteriorating in many stretches of the river...
Deep Dive : Ballads Of Blood: The Tragic Tale of Punjab’s Music Industry

Punjab’s music industry, which once shared a symbiotic relationship with the underworld, has now become its prime target for extortion. When upcoming musicians fail to comply with the demands, they end up at the receiving end of bullets...

Feature : Pots of Tradition And Heritage
A small village in Manipur has bucked the trend and has managed to keep the art of traditional pottery alive in a state that is more famous for its exquisite handloom products. For the natives of Thongjao, it’s a way of life
Three-layer healthcare infrastructure plan for Char Dham Yatra pilgrims
Government has decided to create a three layered healthcare infrastructure for the large number of pilgrims who undertake Char Dham yatra every year in an effort to keep a check on number of deaths that take place during the season due to the strenuous route
NGO offers 24×7 mental health helpline on WhatApp
A leading mental health organisation says that in the last 18 months, at least one third of people, who reached out to them for counselling told them that they have been battling anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts...
Women constitute 19% of the sales workforce in India, says report published by LinkedIn
Women constitute 19% of the sales workforce, and only 13% of sales leadership roles in India, a report brought out by LinkedIn, the world’s largest online professional network, has said
Number of children without critical social protection increasing globally: ILO & UNICEF’
The number of children without access to social protection is increasing year-on-year, leaving them at risk of poverty, hunger and discrimination, according to a new report released by the International...
Stand up for the human rights of everyone, everywhere: Guterres
The Universal Declaration of Human rights, which should be our common blueprint, is too often misused and abused, it is exploited for political gain; and it is ignored – often by the very same people. Some governments chip away at it
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