Big Brother Looms Larger

A law which Parliament approved in early April to replace a 102-year-old piece of legislation and give legal backing to the collection of measurements of convicts and other persons is so wide in its ambit regarding both personal data points that can

Furrows of Distress

The year-long farmers’ agitation against the central government’s three farm laws has, to some extent, drawn the country’s attention towards the plight of tillers and the existing lacunae in the agriculture sector. Protests and demonstrations have taken place earlier too, but this

No Vacancy

Last year, Indian Railways invited applications for 35,000 posts it had created for non-skilled workers called Non-Technical Popular Categories. A total of 12.5 million (1.25 crore) candidates, mostly youth, applied. They included some holding master’s degrees and PhDs when the requirement was

Red Alert! Regulate Cryptos

Cryptocurrency or Cryptos is the latest flavour of the day. After stocks and mutual funds, cryptocurrency is pretty high in the pecking order. Those with yawning risk appetites, and in a hurry, are choosing them for investment. Also, those who repose faith

A Season Of Churn

Like the four other poll-bound states, battle lines have been drawn for the hustings in Punjab as well. Party-hopping continues, albeit on a low key, infinite bounties are promised every day and assurances of even more largesse ‘on victory’ are in vogue.

Devbhoomi Waiting for God

Come February 2022 and the 21-year-old Himalayan state of Uttarakhand will be plunged into yet another Assembly election amidst increasing voter apathy. The question is, what will those lining up at the polling booths in wintry conditions get in return for their

Woman Power: New paradigm for defending India

For the first time in the history of independent India, girls fresh from school will appear in examinations held by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) for entry to the National Defence Academy (NDA) that guarantees permanent commission in the Army, Navy

Why Nonviolence Matters in Global Discourse Today

At a time when the world hungers for peace amid conflict and violent antagonism in different parts of the globe, a systematic counter-narrative with a strong foundation of nonviolence and mutual coexistence needs credence at all levels of society. The deepening of


Mamata Banerjee generally travels light. But when the West Bengal Chief Minister returned to her state on July 30 after a five-day visit to New Delhi, she carried a heavy bag. It was one full of political expectations! At this point in

The Makings of a Digital Panopticon

India is on the cusp of becoming a digital society. Decades of investment in the telecommunications and information technology sectors, in conjunction with global factors, have brought us here. The Government of India, over the past decade, has been building information, digital,