Waste In Space

Tall promises have been made in recent months by top leaders about reversing global warming within the next half-century. Any roadmap to reach this goal must have two crucial components: monitoring and action, in that order. Ever since the watershed 1992 Rio

Coded For Exclusion

In March this year, headline managers of the government went to town to the sound of the proverbial drumbeats and with considerable backslapping, announcing that in 2021-22 a total of 7,422 crore (74.22 billion) digital transactions were carried out—a 33% increase over

India and the Pollution It Breathes

The latest Air Quality Life Index by the Energy Policy Institute of University of Chicago has found air pollution to be one of the biggest health threats for India. Toxic air pollutants are reducing life expectancy by five years in the country, with pollution

What’s The Length of An Ideal Work Week?

From July 1, the government of India may shift to a different working and wage style. The labour ministry is in the final leg of clubbing 44 central labour laws into four broad codes of wages, industrial relations, social security and occupation

India Must Beat the Heat with Precautions and Planning

The summer season of 2022 has begun with the highest average maximum temperature ever recorded over Northwest and Central India in the past 122 years–35.9 degrees Celsius and 37.78 degrees, respectively. While sharing the data, the Met Department also cautioned about the

Act Now on Emissions to Meet 1.5 Degrees Celsius Target: IPCC

Other than the shocking reactions to the gory images of civilian killings in Ukraine’s Bucha, which surfaced last Saturday, the world has been busy deliberating on its other massive failure—controlling carbon emissions and delaying, if not saving, the planet from disasters coming

Hobson’s Choice

Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine has split wide open the deep faultlines that already existed in the global energy matrix long before Russian bombs and missiles started raining down on the largest country in Europe. The inability of European powers to push

Philanthropy: The Opportunity to Serve Social Sector

A philanthropy report has found that India’s super-rich has sharply reduced their philanthropic contributions despite a surge in net worth in the past six years, from the financial year 2015-16 to the financial year 2020-21. The tally of retail contributors, or individuals

Groundwater May Help Humans Survive Climate Change

A new United Nations report, launched last week, has “looked underfoot to solve global water crises”. The focus of the latest edition of the UN World Water Development Report (WWDR) is not only to highlight the increasing importance of groundwater, a resource

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