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India’s Experiments with Informal Employment

February 20, 2022
The dire need for modern societies to follow social justice has been driving equality advocates to look for ideas everywhere, from sports to cryptocurrencies. With stakeholders, experts and observers suggesting reasonable solutions, a solution proposed by the United Nations is formal employment – also, the

The Frigid Side of The Great Migration Dream

February 15, 2022
On January 19, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police discovered four frozen bodies near Emerson in Canada’s Manitoba province. The dead, part of an 11-member group of Indians allegedly trying to cross over to the US from Canada illegally, included a three-year-old boy.

Decoding India’s Population Riddle

January 20, 2022
Much is being made of a recent finding about India’s fertility rate dropping to replacement level, giving rise to the impression that the country has finally succeeded in defusing the “population explosion bomb”. But has India finally reversed population growth? No black

Interpersonal Violence Holds A Mirror To Society

October 4, 2021
Revisiting Mahatma Gandhi’s (anti) legacy: 74 years ago, a socio-political rhetoric of nonviolence for Indian liberation took root in and became an integral part of our social norms. We internalised the narrative of not replacing a violent structure of oppression with another violent structure of