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Will Russian Humanitarian Aid Create New Social Stability in Afghanistan?

November 18, 2021
humanitarian aid

Can Afghanistan overcome a majority of its humanitarian crisis with the aid that is coming to its rescue from various quarters of the uber developed world? With Russian humanitarian aid coming forth in the near future, there seems to be hope that the gap between development and humanitarian crisis might be bridged after all. These are rather telling developments in the last few days for the region that is still clutching at the weakly anchored straws of hope thanks to the aid coming from the EU established aid centre in Uzbekistan even as the IS-K seems to be expanding and advancing over the Afghanistan borders in a fresh worry for the humanitarian crisis unfolding there.

These developments also come parallel to the talk delivered by the UN Secretary General at the Path to Peace Awards Ceremony where he called for greater focus on combatting poverty and promoting sustainable development for far greater inclusion so as to lessen the threat of conflict. These remarks were also presented at the general meeting earlier in the week following the Cop26 and the G20 summit where he noted that the dots need to be connected in order to combat conflict and promote peace. He said that he was confident of greater kindness from humanity.

This comes in tandem with the Russian humanitarian aid for the region. Besides this, the Russian aid comes at an opportune time considering the escalation of human rights violation in the region with forced child marriages, poverty stricken families and even more violence in everyday lives in the main city centers of Afghanistan. In order to combat all this, the Russian humanitarian aid seems to be a fitting reply that can help in rebuilding the region with better rights for all of its groups and communities, and for the combatting conflict in the process.