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Uzbekistan to Play Host for Aid to Afghanistan: EU Humanitarian News

November 17, 2021
aid to afghanistan

The EU or the European Union is known to keep tight ties amongst its member nations. But it also uses the resources of the member nations in order to drive aid to the neighbouring regions that may be in need. This time, the EU has gone out of its comfort zone to enter Uzbekistan and establish a centre from where aid to Afghanistan may be formally sent. This comes hot in the heels of the UN secretary general’s address where he urged nations to connect the dots like poverty and climate change in order to prevent conflict and to empower these regions rather than merely sending aid.

In this address and in the move by the EU to give aid to Afghanistan from a region closer home, the larger issues that have been tackled include instability and inclusion. These are issues that would need to be tackled for Afghanistan to come into its own rather than merely relying on aid from various countries. While nation building for the troubled nation and region would include getting aid from various economic superpowers around the world, an opportunity to be on an equal footing with the following measures would be a step in the right direction:

  • Education and awareness for better human rights and the gradual growth of industries that can empower the economy of the region and make its people more self sufficient;
  • Create a bridge between the various nations and regions surrounding Afghanistan so that along with aid, diplomatic and trade ties can be reestablished for the foreseeable future;
  • Understand the connect between culturally similar regions like Uzbekistan and Afghanistan to ensure that there is a sense of support and inclusion when it comes to empowerment of its people over and above the conflict that the region may be currently facing.