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Possibility of Further Extremism in Afghanistan: Taliban Worried

November 18, 2021

In a move that has the Taliban worried, the IS-K or the Islamic State – Khorasan is nearing and expanding over the Afghanistan borders to create an air of even more extremism that ever before. This comes soon after the UN Secretary General spoke about the Afghanistan impact and lack of wholesome social growth or structure in the region due to the conflict that was not seeing an end anytime soon. With the advancement of the IS-K, things are bound to get even more complicated for the citizens and communities of the region, especially since it will be more of a jostle for power with the existing Taliban government that fears it will be dethroned in the process.

A day after the UN Secretary General directly addressed the various nations in the world to connect the dots in order to make conflict prevention a matter of more inclusion and sustainable development with a concrete commitment towards combatting climate change, the Taliban has voiced its worry. The people of the area would no doubt be worried about the humanitarian aspect of it all, especially given the recent refugee crisis that has erupted in nearby Europe in countries like Poland. While the EU is fully committed to the cause of Afghanistan, it may not take kindly to even more conflict even as it has gone through the effort of setting up an aid centre in the nearby and more culturally suited region of Uzbekistan.

Those who were looking forward to such aid and to watch the problems like child marriages and violence being addressed may be in for an even longer wait period as the conflict in the region is all set to erupt anew. This would truly be a test of patience and humanitarian causes in the region of Afghanistan, for the foreseeable future.