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Pakistan and India Holds Talks Over Afghanistan: Impact Expected

November 11, 2021
Afghanistan impact

The Afghanistan impact on its own country’s ongoings as well as the tone of talks and concerns the world over, has been a major talking point over the past few months ever since the US pulled its forces out of the geographical region. The takeover by the Taliban has led to severe concerns and the changing face of social context in the region has been discussed over and over again.

Neighbouring countries India and Pakistan are trying to meet the concerns with solutions for the socio economic crisis in particular, along with concerns over national security. While India met with 8 national security advisors from 8 nations, excluding China; Pakistan too has called for a similar meeting a day after it met with the Taliban Foreign Minister to discuss the issue. After notably missing in action during the meet in new Delhi with 8 countries, China is now ready to show up for the meeting in Pakistan. US is included in this meeting, which also comes hot on the heels of the G20 Summit where the 20 greatest economic powers including India met with countries like Germany, US, Brazil and others to discuss tax benefits and pandemic measures.

The political equations seen in what can best be described as the Afghanistan impact, will also have an impact on the socio economic reality in both countries. Here are some of the ways in which the same will be impacted:

  • Trade Relations: Afghanistan was confident that it would maintain trade relations with Pakistan, as a part of the statement issued by the Taliban appointed Foreign Minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi. These trade relations would open up new transport of men and material across the borders. It would be interesting to see what kind of standards and sanctions would be put in place by both sides.
  • People to People Connectivity: This was yet another point emphasized as a part of the Afghanistan impact, by the Taliban Foreign Minister, who was clear that the people to people connection would be strong. The role of any conflict or potential tension would be something to watch out for globally, in such a case. Also, the evolution of relations, communities, education would be a telling sign of this kind of connectivity.
  • Land and Aviation Links: These links would be maintained between both countries. What remains to be seen here is how this would affect India’s borders and how it strengthens the communities and villages flanking the Chinese and Afghani borders of Pakistan.