Brace For Impact as International Crude Prices Surge

The much-anticipated post-Covid-19 party is over before it could even begin. The dance floor is likely to remain empty in the foreseeable future and the music that started fading out long before the pandemic struck the Indian shores has now stopped playing.

No Vacancy

Last year, Indian Railways invited applications for 35,000 posts it had created for non-skilled workers called Non-Technical Popular Categories. A total of 12.5 million (1.25 crore) candidates, mostly youth, applied. They included some holding master’s degrees and PhDs when the requirement was

Rural Unemployment: A Timebomb On A Short Fuse

For much of 2021, India remained under siege on multiple fronts. The laundry list of problems that beset the world’s largest democracy is more than an arm’s-length long and is likely to continue to be our Achilles Heel for much of 2022,