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August 2021 - Page 12


Pump Up The Volume

August 2, 2021
In the summer of 2013, when heavy rains lashed Uttarakhand, triggering devastating flash floods, a group of people in a small village in Mukteshwar district huddled around an FM radio receiver, listening intently to a familiar voice. They had tuned in to

Drop and Crop

August 2, 2021
Agriculture anywhere in the world consumes a great deal of water, but Indian agriculture particularly is a water guzzler. Its usage is among the highest in the world. Satellite data and surveys of deep wells by the Central Groundwater Research Board show

The Makings of a Digital Panopticon

August 2, 2021
India is on the cusp of becoming a digital society. Decades of investment in the telecommunications and information technology sectors, in conjunction with global factors, have brought us here. The Government of India, over the past decade, has been building information, digital,
digital divide due to corona

Bits and Bytes of a Class Division

August 2, 2021
Nothing has brought the digital divide into sharper focus than the Covid-19 pandemic. The topic of the divide had been hitherto limited to academic circles, and was sometimes highlighted in the media. Those with access to the internet—the most ubiquitous symbol of
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