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Youth Day at Cop26 Sees 40,000 Young Activists in Attendance

November 15, 2021
youth day

Cop26 President Alok Sharma applauded the attendance of over 40,000 young activists and speakers at the Youth Day of the Cop26 event that is underway in Glasgow. The Youth Day at the 26th Cop Even has been organized by the Youth Advisory of the Secretary-General, with special adviser Selwin Hart thanking the Youth Group for their action in helping young voices be raised and heard the world over. Climate change with youth voices is a relevant stance that has been extremely purposeful and full of impact in recent times.

Youth Day was filled with a number of important outcomes in this regard. When it comes to the social impact of climate change, a notable fact is that the youth would be one of the most affected since they would be left to grapple with a planet that would have been negatively altered thanks to the climatic degeneration of the previous generations and centuries of resource misuse without conservation. The Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Patricia Espinosa went so far as to talk about the Paris Rulebook that would have mandates and laws on climate and conservation so as to secure a better planet for the youth of today where they can safely bring up the next generation and leave them with a better planet.

This comes as an important part of the inclusion concept that has been a mainstream topic of discussion whether it was the G20 or the Cop26 summit. The point is to include the pointers from the Youth Day in the way the youth will not only conserve the environment and more mindful of climate change, but also the future budding workforce and entrepreneurs who will make more climate change committed choices over investment and revenue. This would help in securing the planet with climate change commitment at the very core.