Tomato Flu Outbreak in India, Lancet Issues Alert

According to The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, as the country battles COVID-19 and monkeypox, a new virus known as tomato flu or tomato fever has emerged in children under the age of five in the Indian state of Kerala. Rare viral infection is


Gujarat, Karnataka Emerge as Best in Start-Up Rankings

Gujarat and Karnataka have emerged as the ‘best performers’ in Category A, while Meghalaya was nominated as the ‘best performer’ in Category B in the States’ Startup Ranking 2021 that was released today. The States Startup Ranking 2021 was released by Commerce

Going Underwater

India’s coastline is slowly, but surely, being swallowed up by the sea. The east coast is under greater threat, and at some points along the Bay of Bengal the coastline is receding by as much as 20 metres every year. Though about

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