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Tamil Nadu Police To Engage IT Students For Cyber Crime Investigation

August 2, 2022
Cyber Crime

Coimbatore Police is all set to join hands with IT students specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Hacking to investigate cyber crimes.

Speaking to IANS news agency, a senior official said that this is a move aimed at seeking suggestions from those students and getting their support to prevent such crimes. Coimbatore Police has launched an initiative to raise awareness about cybercrime among students, especially college students, who are active on social media and other applications prone to such crimes.

A senior officer said, “Students who are studying IT, software courses, and application development courses will have knowledge about cyber crimes and will be able to advise the police on how to identify those involved in these crimes.”

The police department has a full-fledged cyber crime unit, but senior officials believe that hiring bright youngsters with a strong understanding of the latest trends in software and computer technology will be an added advantage for the department.

The police are also planning to form a “cyber club” comprising two staff members and student organizers from each university in the city. These ‘Cyber ​​Clubs’ will be used to promote cyber awareness among students and the general public and to steer clear of modern cyber crimes, involving financial misappropriation, misuse of photographs, morphed photos, and spurious calls like payment of online bills and thereby swindling money from bank accounts

The initiative is being monitored by the Cyber ​​Crime Wing of the Tamil Nadu Police and if the involvement of students proves effective, the scheme will be rolled out across the state.

“After monitoring the project of Coimbatore Police, if the students we engage are delivering proper results, we are planning to extended this across the state” a senior official of the Tamil Nadu Cyber ​​Cell told IANS.