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Peace Without Inclusion: Job Half Done, As Per UN Secretary General

November 11, 2021
peace without inclusion

Peace without inclusion is a “job half done“, as per the Secretary General of the United Nations. The United Nations ran a press release earlier in the day where it relayed the words of the Secretary General, António Guterres, as he addressed the Security Council. These comments come in the wake of the ever changing and sometimes deteriorating socio economic climate in South East Asia, thanks to the Afghanistan crisis as well as the conflict and lack of access to healthcare for other regions during the pandemic.

Peace without inclusion seems to be a matter of grave concern when it comes to inequality and other social themes with great impact. Here are some of the social impacts that he discussed:

  • Inequality in Vaccine Access during Covid Pandemic: The Secretary General covered the fact that peace without inclusion is a major theme that has emerged from the way many countries around the world have managed the Covid situation. Misery and inequality seem to be a recurring theme in poor countries whereas the rich countries are now administering the third dose of the vaccine. The inequality seen here is of the vaccine not even reaching the poor countries on time. This has led to much conflict and dire healthcare conditions where the Covid rates are rising due to the lack of the vaccine.
  • Economic Recovery: The Secretary General also spoke about peace without inclusion when he addressed the yawning and ever increasing gap between the rich billionaires of the rich countries and the middle class and lower middle class people in poor and rich countries alike. The unequal distribution of access to resources like education and healthcare have made it impossible to include everyone equally when it comes to better economic opportunities.
  • Violent Conflicts: Peace without inclusion is a major theme whether it is Afghanistan or Myanmar. Accordingly, the social structures in these countries and others like them are in dire mode, without even the basic standard of living. This is where violent conflict escalates on a day to day basis, above the everyday strikes and attacks.