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Belarus and Neighbours Concerned Over Migrant Sparked Conflict

November 12, 2021

What’s happening in Belarus? Here’s a quick look:

The migrant situation in Belarus is going from bad to worse, with neighbouring nations like the Baltic nations of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia as well as Poland voicing concerns over possible violence spilling over their borders with the advent of migrants. While the migrants have been said to be used by Belarus over the EU sanctions that it is seemingly against, the Baltic nations and Poland have voiced concerns over a possible military standoff should the situation continue.

A possible retaliation in the military domain seems imminent should the EU sanctions not be addressed in the Belarus situation. Here’s how this can impact the socio economic fabric of the area:

  • Disruption of normal transport of goods and services. There are people who travel through these Eastern European borders every single day, multiple times, for work and other needs. This is due to the small size of these nations and the by and large peaceful approach adopted by all the neighbours. Now, this stands to greater problems when there would be military presence and the possibility of action on that front.
  • Interruption of economic activities. This would no doubt have a large bearing on the conduct of many economic and revenue generating activities that would further plunge the marginalized communities into chaos.
  • Entry of migrants. The entry of migrants into these areas would leave the local and general population exposed to crimes and chaos that could erupt more easily and blatantly. There would no time for paperwork or for human rights organizations to make a move in order to organize these migrants in a better fashion for peaceful transition and encampment.
  • Fresh sanctions. If the troops need to be deployed along the rather long Belarus northern border, it may lead to the deployment of fresh sanctions that would further add fuel to the fire.