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Balochistan University Hinders Education Process: Social Stability Demanded

November 19, 2021

Education has always been known as one of the foremost human rights because education truly empowers people. When we talk about the empowerment through education, we also talk about opening up of minds towards possibilities that far transcend those presented by merely surviving a conflict ridden situation. The suspension of all education based activities by the Balochistan University signifies a hindrance of human rights and humanitarian work, more than anything else.

The Afghanistan crisis is slowly spilling over its borders and there has also been a recent threat of expansion and advancement of the IS-K over its borders to take the region far greater chaos and conflict. These elements would lead to disruption of normalcy and normal life which includes and hits educations. When education is hit by such conflict, it affects entire generations who are grappling the reality of not being able to stand in equality or inclusion with the rest of the world. Now, despite the Afghanistan situation, there seems to be an escalation of violence and chaos with the disappearance of two students from the University which is why protests have erupted. Law and Order seems to be permanently compromised here.

This shows how the conflict has managed to touch neighbouring regions. The education sector is taking a particularly bad hit since the disappearance of these two boys, Sohail Baloch and Faseeh Baloch. The local authorities are also hard pressed when it comes to resources that are fast running thin as they try to keep the borders more secure with the Afghanistan crisis. This has led to protests in order to find the boys due to which the educational activities have completely stopped at the university.

The sad truth is that this corridor is no more a safe haven for the activities that used to run unhindered including people’s occupations and education. This will set back the development of the region along with the rest of Afghanistan.