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UN’s 17th Aid Package of $32 Million Arrives in Afghanistan

India is providing wheat to Afghanistan at an economic cost of Rs 24,996 per tonne. Currently, domestic wheat prices are around it and global rates have also gone up hovering in the range of Rs 24,000 to Rs 25,000 per tonne.
March 7, 2022

Afghanistan’s central bank, Da Afghanistan Bank has announced that following the United Nation’s cash delivery to Afghanistan, the 17th package of humanitarian aid consisting of $32 million arrived in Kabul on Sunday, March 6, 2022.

This brings the total amount of cash to $540 million delivered to Afghanistan’s International Bank (AIB).

Da Afghanistan Bank has applauded the cash carriage to Afghanistan and asked the United Nations to help them in interacting with regional and world countries. Meanwhile, depreciation of Afghanistan’s local currency, Afghani, against the US dollar has led to a spike in prices of food items, gas and fuel that has led millions of people towards poverty.

The World Bank recently announced more than $1 billion in humanitarian aid for Afghanistan, stating the money will go to UN agencies and international NGOs, while remaining “outside the control” of the country’s Taliban rulers.

The reallocation from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) follows the $280 million in ARTF funds disbursed last December and is aimed at supporting the humanitarian response over the critical winter months.

India’s commitment towards Afghanistan

India has committed to supplying 50,000 tonnes of quality wheat grain worth Rs 125 crore to Afghanistan, which will be delivered through Pakistan’s land route. The grain will be delivered to the UN agency, World Food Programme for the people of Afghanistan. The entire quantity of 50,000 tonnes of wheat will be delivered in a month or so.

The next batch of shipments of 2,000 tonnes of wheat each is scheduled for March 8, 14, and 20, 2022 to Afghanistan via the Pakistan border.