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UNESCO Looking for Purpose in Education: Reimagining Futures

November 11, 2021

The cause of education is being the cynosure of all eyes, UNESCO is not far behind with its report on the same, titled Reimagining the Future Together. Today’s education has largely been touted as something that is still evolving thanks to the interruptions in learning due to the pandemic. These following impacts have been felt the world over when it comes to education:

  • UNESCO believes that private parties need to get more involved in education so as to bring in more interventions and support for local authorities. The learning interruptions seen in countries like Africa and India have led to such a decision.
  • The gender gap in many developing countries has been seen as one of the major elements in the evolution of education. Many have stressed on how we need more female representation in education for more female participation of working age women in the workforce. This would bring about better income opportunities and welfare.
  • Skilling and up skilling has been a major part of the report by UNESCO along with the needs that have to be anticipated, especially by the EdTech sector. The global call for skills for the future is a matter of making the right infrastructure and material available at the right time.
  • The social impact of education and the lack of it, have both been described by UNESCO in its report. While education is a definite way to escape poverty, the development of communities that are more aware of the benefits of education has also been recognised.
  • In this sense, the social impact of reimagined futures and education has been laid down. This gives a definite social context to how education must be re structured and rendered to the future generations. the UNESCO report touches on collective and individual aspirations that must be met and fulfilled with the help of education.