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The Role of Governors in Social Construct

November 13, 2021
role of governors

The 51st Conference of Governors and Lt Governors at the Rashtrapati Bhavan on the 11th of November 2021 saw some simple values placed on the platform to display the real role of Governors. Traditionally, the state governors are administrative heads who hold the society and the inner workings of the state together. They are credited with much responsibility and accountability even as they hold the fabric of the region together in a seamless manner. In a country like India, which is known for its secular nature, the role of the Governor is even more important since they have to retain the regional tone of the state even as they become a part of that society and urge the people to partake in their national identity.

In this sense, President Kovind who conduced the meet, rightly pointed out that the role of governors is that of a friend, philosopher and guide. The governor needs to do the following in order to create the right social, cultural and economic impact within his or her state:

  • Inclusion: This would be one of the main elements in the role of governors. Inclusion is one of the keywords of how societies and communities are evolving and this value would definitely help the governors take their state into the future, with a global perspective.
  • Participation: To garner participation of all communities on an equal footing is another key role of governors. This is especially important when it comes to motivating everyone to work together to create a better environment within which they can tap into better opportunities and make use of resources in a judicious manner.
  • Commitment to Building Capability: This is another important role of governors who are entrusted with the task of making their state even more competent. This is even in keeping with the commitment to nation building as emphasized by PM Modi at the Cop26 event in Glasgow.