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The Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement’s Global Impact

September 27, 2021

Protests for Black Lives Matter(BLM) shook the globe in 2020

The assassination of George Floyd sparked not just significant Black Lives Matter(BLM) rallies in the United States, but also around the world. It sparked protests in other countries against the ravages of racism and police brutality. Millions of people took to the streets to show support for African-Americans and demand justice for George Floyd. However, these demonstrations frequently inspired individuals to look inward and renew cries for justice in their own communities. Bianca Hillier of The World reports on the movement’s impact in various corners of the world.

While the BLM movement originated in the United States, it has gained extensive international support, with local demonstrations taking place in at least 60 nations on every continent except Antarctica. This is because racism and discrimination are prevalent in practically every society. Governments all throughout the world, like those in the United States, have for far too long disregarded issues of systemic racial inequality. Ethnic minorities have been denied equal access to opportunities, services, and basic human rights on several occasions.

While many of these localised protests began in sympathy with their American counterparts, as they adapt to diverse national contexts, they have taken on new forms and sparked new discussions. Furthermore, well-known figures such as King Leopold II, Edward Colston, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Edward Colston, and Cecil Rhodes have come under fire for their racially insensitive policies or attitudes. Although the historical processes that underpin current inequality are unique to each country, there are some parallels. The United States, like other settler colonies, is facing a reckoning over the history of slavery and indigenous genocide. The present arguments prompted by the BLM movement in Europe, on the other hand, must be understood in the light of the persecution meted out against their former colonies.