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Tata Chemicals will hold knowledge sessions to commemorate National Wildlife Week 2021

October 11, 2021

Tata Chemicals reinforced its commitment to this goal by hosting a series of information-gathering workshops throughout the week

Tata Chemicals promotes and follows the tagline “human touch of chemistry” by making substantial contributions to society and the environment. Tata Chemicals, in collaboration with the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), the Coast Guard, and Forest Department authorities, took on the task of conserving the almost-extinct whale shark species known as vhali in coastal Gujarat a few years ago. Every year, a day-long celebration suitably dubbed ‘Whale Shark Day’ is held to commemorate the contribution made to this new endeavour, and the efforts have given fruit, with 187 whale sharks saved to date.

This year, fishermen, forest officials, schoolchildren, and locals participated in a day-long activity in Dwarka, Gujarat, where people from nearby villages and schools came together and participated in the activities to lend their support to the protection and conservation of whale sharks and the coral reef along Gujarat’s coastline. The day began with a rally organised for local kids, which began at Commerce College Ground and finished at Sunset Point, with over 500 pupils excitedly wearing t-shirts, caps, and sun visors and participating in the event.

Representatives from Tata Chemicals, the Coast Guard, and WTI spoke in the second half of the day, emphasising the need of preserving the planet’s nearly-extinct species and maintaining a better, cleaner environment for future generations. The fishermen who have played a significant part in supporting and propagating the conservation effort have been praised and awarded the ‘Vhali na Veera’ trophy in recognition of their remarkable commitment to whale shark protection. “Tata Chemicals has a long history of social activities that affect the lives of the people and the communities where we conduct our business,” said Satish Anand, corporate HR and corporate affairs, chemicals business and consumer products business, Tata Chemical. The Whale Shark Conservation Project has grown by leaps and bounds since its beginning, and the public’s support is reflected in the 187 whale sharks that have been preserved to date.