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Social Impact of Internal Security Compromise – NSA Talks Facts

November 13, 2021
internal security

Civil society benefits greatly from internal security, and this fact was laid in all its threadbare glory by the National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval, in his address on Friday. The passing out parade of the IPS probationers was the venue where he delivered this address to an audience hanging on to his every word.

The NSA also talked about the “new frontiers of war” that have a defining social impact in terms of the havoc wrecked on civil society and the structures we have held on to thus far. This is where policing becomes more than just an economic opportunity for officers who are already underpaid by most standards. Claiming this to be fourth generation warfare, Doval delivered important notes on how wars are not just instruments to change the course of political and military agendas. Wars have now come to take on social dimensions due to the impact on internal security.

Noting that wars tend to be expensive and that they take away much of the stability that we enjoy as a nation and in our socio economic structures, he talked about ways in which the outcome of war can subvert and subjugate social structures and even the most sturdy societal values. He entrusted the IPS probationers with the job of being gatekeepers of social structures and civil society so that the cost of war and conflict would not seep into the walls that keep us safe – the values that we hold at our very core.

While safety and security is very much a part of internal security which must not be compromised at any cost, he also spoke of how the national character and identity of its people and social structures very much depended on how these probationers would dispense their duties in the long run and the foreseeable future.