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President Kovind Hails PEC as Nation Building Centre, Not Just University

November 17, 2021

PEC or Punjab Engineering College is one of the few places in the country that has borne witness to the changing times and the changing landscape. But what makes this university and several others like it, even more iconic is the fact that this college has contributed widely to the way our industrial landscape has shaped up by turning out innovations and students who are geared to take India into the future. The PEC is older than free India itself, which makes it not only historic, but also a steady player in the nation building gamut that we have seen in this century.

Fittingly, on the occasion of its 100 year anniversary, President Kovind laid down the philosophy that many schools, colleges and universities need to follow – to be a part of the way the nation shapes up. When it comes to setting the tone for the future. the PEC has always been at the forefront of R and D or research and development activities within classrooms in order to turn out students who become professionals that can solve problems with innovation. In this way, the PEC has created the basis for better industrial development in the country, especially in the post independence times.

These were times when the country was going through the rigours of redefining the main contributors to its economy and the names of Tata and Godrej began to show hope to millions of Indians. Suddenly, a college degree from an esteemed university like PEC was not merely a need to land a government job, but it also opened the doors for the further establishment of dreams in the form of new industries that could come up in India and feed or fuel the rest of the world. In his address, President Kovind spoke about this and how the social impact of this university would always remain a historical one in context of education and industrialisation.