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NGT Asks Delhi Government to Follow Zero-Tolerance Policy on Noise Pollution

June 18, 2022
Noise Pollution

A committee set up by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) to monitor compliance with noise regulations in Delhi has advised the city government to follow a zero-tolerance policy against the use of unnecessary honking and the use of modified silencers, reported PTI.

In the report submitted to the Green Court, the panel said relentless honking, pressure horns, and modified silencers were the biggest contributors to noise pollution.

The panel told the court that from January 1 to March 31, Delhi traffic police had issued challans against the use of pressure horns in 331 cases, 30 challans were issued against the use of horns in silent areas, 773 against modified silencers and 59 vehicles for playing loud music.

“Alternative measures such as planting of trees, awareness with respect to no-honking, quieter vehicles, quieter tires, speed reduction, home insulation, smooth road surface etc., could be adhered to reduce vehicular noise. The better option is to increase awareness just like in case of firecrackers and to increase prosecution.

“A zero-tolerance policy should be followed in case of unnecessary honking and use of modified silencers,” the report read.

Following the committee’s advice, the city government proposed to empower officials of civic bodies to take action against those causing noise pollution.

The Delhi environment department has submitted a proposal to the Union environment ministry to appoint an SHO as the authority to prosecute violators under the noise pollution rules.

“Sound from mics should be limited to the premises and should not cause inconvenience to others,” the committee said, adding the office-bearers of religious institutions “shall be pursued to install sound limiters to abide by noise rules”.