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New Rules For Obtaining Driving License Notified By The Government

September 26, 2022
New Rules

Government has come out with new rules which could instill a sense of responsibility among the drivers and may also help in reducing rash and negligent driving across the country.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) has come out with a notification whereby those applying for a learner’s licence would within seven days of submitting an application under rule 10, would have to complete a tutorial on safe driving, electronically on a Portal, either accessed by the applicant themselves or with the help of a Facilitation Centre.

Apart from the safe driving practices in the tutorials, the video will also carry the interviews of family members who have lost their loved ones in road accidents due to casual driving.

The notification also lays down a condition for existing driving licence holders, whereby if caught violating certain types of traffic rules, they will have to undertake a mandatory driver safety certification course and the offenders will have to complete this course within three months from the time they are caught for the traffic offence.

The ministry has come out with a detailed protocol on safety certification course for existing drivers and video tutorials for driving license under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules under the revised MV Act.

The ministry has also come out with new rules for the two-wheeler drivers. According to the new rules, those two-wheeler riders who don’t wear a helmet while crossing toll plazas, their information will be shared with the local police for issuing challans.

The number of road accidents involving two-wheelers is growing in India. In 2019, more than a third, almost 37 per cent, of those killed in road accidents were two-wheeler riders, according to a Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ report. A World Health Organization report has said that just correct use of helmets could reduce the risk of fatal injuries by 42%.