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‘Mother on Campus’ Keeps Tripura Moms with Kids

November 17, 2021
mother on campus

Child and mother welfare is a real and glaring issue in countries like India. On one hand, we are ready to see better economic opportunities and more female labour participation in our economy. But on the other hand, we are found questioning ourselves about whether or not we are fully equipped to meet the challenges of child care while the mother works. Are these welfare measures in place an dis the infrastructure up to the mark, for a mother to be able to leave her child in order to pursue her job or her career? The Mother on Campus program seeks to put these doubts and questions to rest.

Inclusion has taken on a whole new meaning in Tripura with this move aimed at better opportunities for creating female labour participation and for more educated children at the same time. The Mother on Campus is a major social welfare and impact pivot as far as connecting the dots go. The area of Tripura has been known to be a part of North East where welfare and development has taken a while to reach. Yet, in recent times, there have been a number of positive developments in the area with sanctions of 709 Cr INR being released for the entire region by PM Modi. On this occasion, the PM mentioned how North East welfare has become more mainstream thanks to the efforts of the current government in this direction.

In keeping with these developments, the Mother on Campus program is being seen as a major indicator of women’s rights and women’s empowerment along with a double whammy that is served by the program’s emphasis on better education facilities with the hostels where this program is to be implemented. This practice is also being followed by private coaching institutes in Kota and other parts of Rajasthan.