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North East Welfare Coming into its Own without Political Lens

November 15, 2021
north east welfare

PM Modi took on the cause of North East welfare where he admitted that development in various parts of the country since its independence had been uneven. He credited the neglect of the North-East corridor and region as something that happened due to the inequitable distribution of welfare and development and the fact that these factors were being governed by a political lens earlier. He talked about how the development of this region had suffered since the previous administrations and governments were trying to create programs and policies that did not fit this region in the most authentic way.

The occasion on which he released 709 Crore INR for welfare and related initiates under the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana – Gramin (PMAY-G) was a momentous one where he discussed the giant strides made by the region when it comes to North East welfare. He especially credited the BJP which took over governance in 2014 and CM Biplab Kumar Deb for the various developments seen in the region since then.

Now, when it comes to North East welfare, PM Modi proudly made the following points and observations:

  • 100 per cent Covid vaccination for everyone above the age of 45 years has been completed in Tripura – the first state in India to have done so.
  • With the establishment of 26,000 new SGHs in 2018 alone, the role of women and rural women especially has been one of the hallmarks of North East welfare thanks to the empowerment accorded to them.
  • Development initiatives have been doubled and spread out evenly over the region under the new government, especially under the leadership of Biplab Dash.
  • A number of beneficiaries have also received new houses as a part of the new initiatives announced by the government.
  • Inclusion is the new name of the game in North East welfare with several indigenous groups which have been recognized for their role in the Indian freedom struggle.