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More Efficient Covid Vaccine Drive Set to Empower the Masses

November 13, 2021
Covid vaccine drive

Ever since the pandemic hit us close to two years ago, our confidence in healthcare has been questionable. The resultant hurry to release a vaccine may have done wonders in the medical community the world over, especially when it comes to the faith it has in the Indian medical sphere. India was one of the first nations to roll out its Covid vaccine and the Covid Vaccine drive. With a million people vaccinated and waiting for their second dose, things had not gone as smoothly as planned, though.

When the second wave hit India, more than half it’s population had not yet received even the first dose. This became a talking point all over the globe as countries began to send in oxygen cylinders and vaccine doses by the thousands. This was still not sufficient enough. Add to that the population density issue that led to even more people to get infected – including those who had already taken both the doses. Would the Covid vaccine drive ever emerge triumphant in India, many experts and countries seemed to be asking.

But clearly things are looking up. Not only has the Covid vaccine drive and roll out picked up, but as of yesterday, the total number of people to have received the first dose exceed 111 million individuals. This makes the job of administering the second dose to fully vaccinate a large section of the population, easier. To add to this, people are now able to step out with more confidence and hospitals are not overflowing any longer because there is more likelihood of people coming in contact with more and more vaccinated individuals. Further, with awareness drives, people who were reluctant to take the shots have also stepped up and taken responsibility to get themselves and their families fully vaccinated for a better and more healthy future.