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More Accessible and Affordable Healthcare for All: VP Naidu

November 18, 2021
accessible and affordable healthcare

When we think of healthcare anywhere in the world, we are immediately faced with a number of negative possibilities. While in some countries, we may be concerned about the sheer cost of high quality healthcare, in some others like India and other South East Asian countries, we experience doubts about the very quality and even access to healthcare. This is possibly due to the fact that the infrastructure and reach of healthcare has been low due to low connectivity between regions, lack of infrastructure, lack of technology and even lack of proper professionals in specialized niches. Accessible and affordable healthcare seems to be the combination that we are looking for – yet how to reach that place poses a huge question mark for most governments.

India is no different. While India has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in terms of its healthcare sector, the recent spate of developments especially when it comes to the development of skills and medical technology education, has created the basis to believe that India is in the process of building a far more competent and capable healthcare structure for accessible and affordable healthcare. Along with the latest technology, India has also been in sharp focus as far as rural development programs go so that ambulance networks and better hospitals with a more wholesome staff can be delivered to these regions with the CSR efforts of major private players like the Vedanta Group.

This is something that has also been recently discussed by VP Naidu when he delivered a talk on how accessible and affordable healthcare is the need of the hour especially after the pandemic. This would make entire communities more self sufficient and ready to contribute to the economic growth of their region and the nation as a whole in the process too.