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Job Creation the Biggest Social Impact of MSME Work: Shri Narayan Rane

November 19, 2021
job creation

When we think of the MSME sector, we often think of small factories and workshops where the owners and the small staff would be toiling away to make their place in the world outside – the world of commerce, the world of profits, the world of better opportunities and finally, the world of inclusion. In a recent address, Union Minister for MSME Shri Narayan Rane mentioned how the MSME work was important socio economic work because it contributed to better social structuring as well as more jobs and more expansion of manufacturing prowess. In fact job creation seems to be one of the biggest ways in which the MSME work drives social structuring as well as better welfare.

In this sense, the address of the Minister made a point to show that rather than living on welfare, it is better to be more empowered so that there would be a more long term solution for progress and development. This would elevate the social status of the communities that are engaged in this work. Also, because the MSME sector is structured to be tightly knit, there is a better chance of working inclusion of various members of various communities for far better access to education and economic opportunities. This is one of the crux parts of the job creation gamut that the MSME work can work through.

In this sense, one can also see how the impact in social terms would become far more specialized thanks to the job creation scene with the expansion of manufacturing prowess. This would also help in bringing in greater female labour participation and even more opportunities for more learning and training while on the job. This will ensure that there is more inclusion and better representation of all sections of society and various communities as well.