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First Fisheries Business Incubator to Change the Social Structure of Sector

November 17, 2021
fisheries business incubator

After the landmark Kisan Credit Card initiative and drive to provide farmers and fisheries as well as animal husbandry professionals with more access to faster and efficient credit systems, there is now a focus on growing the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst the fisheries. The fisheries business incubator is here to revolutionize the way fisheries produce and sell their fare – not just sell, but market. The nation’s very first business incubator for fisheries has been established in the corporate land of Gurugram, Haryana. The focus is on opening up markets and creating new ways to position and find the right segments for these professionals.

The Union Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Shri Parshottam Rupala inaugurated the first fisheries business incubator unit which is being as a one of a kind establishment that will not only fuel nation building and economic prowess for the sector and its professionals, but also take them closer to the concept of inclusion as the nation and its various sectors step confidently into modernization. The business incubator unit for fisheries seeks to create ample opportunities for the following:

  • Research and development for this sector through the fisheries business incubator who will help in understanding the market and its demands. This would help the fisheries in meeting the demand for particular kinds of products and produce so that the same may be catered for.
  • Exports and Modernization: In a move that would make the fisheries more self sufficient, the business incubator would also spread awareness and help the fisheries tap into better opportunities for economic growth through the export market. This would also help them modernize their approach and have more opportunities to structure their own societies with an empowered outlook.
  • A global outlook is finally what this business incubator is looking to foster, along with welfare measure that would distribute and position these fisheries in a far better manner on the global map. This would also be the basis for inclusion and sustainable development for this sector.