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Fruits of Labour: Farm Laws Repealed After An Year

November 20, 2021
farmers rejoice

In a massive move that is sure to resonate with farmers and protesters all over the country, and North India in particular, the Government of India under the leadership of PM Modi has finally decided to support their cause with three path breaking laws. Farmers rejoice now in the knowledge that their basic and most humane needs will be looked after. After almost a year of a deadlock with the government, this comes as breaking news and joy making news, more than anything else! This also marks the end of the struggle of over 62 crore farmers around the nation, and the farmers from 700 farming families who sat on the road between Delhi and Gurgaon to make their voices heard. The struggle is said to have literally yielded the fruit of labour as the farm laws have been officially repealed.

The farmers rejoice due to the farm laws that have been repealed as well as the new laws that would take the place of these. Farmer welfare and the minimum support price or the MSP has been set to a standard that can actually pay the farmers what they deserve along with the profit that they deserve to make while they feed the entire nation and even contribute to agro exports which are the highest contributor of our economy.

On the auspicious occasion of Guru Parab, PM Modi gave much chance for farmers to rejoice as he announced three crux laws that would make their welfare the mainstay of all farm laws. Since the Sikh and Punjab based farmers remained at the very helm of the struggle and the protests, the PM chose this momentous occasion of their Guru to announce the three laws that would indeed do much to uplift them and give them access to better socio economic conditions.