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Drug Menace Eradication Campaign for Social Cleansing in J&K

November 13, 2021

The region of Jammu and Kashmir, also known as J&K, has always been in the news – but not always for the right reasons. While the conflict in the region has made global headlines for decades, the Modi government’s stance on making it a union territory has helped in making inroads towards more inclusion of the region with the rest of our secular nation. The J&K example is clearly a study in nation building despite all the conflict that has marked it history and made it a volatile topic across numerous peace talks between India and Pakistan, on global forums.

While the Jammu youth is being given a push in terms of education and empowerment, by none other than the Indian Armed Forces; Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir is not far behind thanks to its recent inclusion in the UNESCO list of creative smart cities. This honor has ensured that J&K is finally on the map – and for all reasons.

The latest news from the valley is that the drug menace is being tackled and taken rather seriously by the authorities. The measures taken towards eradication of the drug problem faced in the valley of J&K has brought in a number of steps. These measures are based primarily on cooperation and intervention as well as the support of the masses and the authorities too. The measures have consequently taken on the proportions of a mass movement.

Under this program, over 9000 institutions are being covered so as to spread the effects of these measures. Here are the measures that are being undertaken to eradicate the drug issue in J&K:

  • Awareness: Spreading of awareness along with the local authorities on the ill effects of taking drugs is one of the main pillars of the program in J&K;
  • Action Plans: This includes innovative solutions and measures that would target the youth of J&K;
  • Widespread Participation: Finally, greater participation of the youth along with local authorities is building communities free of the drug menace.