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Collaborative Participation new Benchmark for DGCA as it Goes Digital

November 13, 2021

The DGCA has announced a paradigm shift from restrictive regulations to collaborative participation as it goes digital. In a move that has been lauded across the nation and all of its sectors, the Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya M Scindia created a new template that would undoubtedly pave the way for policy and public agencies to follow.

On Monday, the eGCA platform was launched online by the DGCA, in order to take the agency into the digital future – a much awaited goal indeed. The Ambedkar International Centre played host as the venue and the Union Minister made his approach clear in his address to everyone present at the event. The automation of the functions has led to greater transparency and would lead to a decline of the stifling regulations that had marred the growth of this sector.

In its place, the DGCA has announced that it would work on a collaborative model to ensure that it followed better standards, especially for the welfare of those flying and those piloting the aircrafts. The point is to ensure that there is better physical examination standards that are made mandatory even as the personal inefficiencies would be kept to a minimum with the single window digital platform. The DGCA leader also ensured that he addressed the minimization of personal interactions so that the platform regulated standardized operations along the lines of better inclusion and representation of all those involved.

With a brand new approach and ethos, one can expect greater accountability from the DGCA and the platform on which it is to be represented in the future. Increased productivity for better efficiency in helping people choosing this mode of public transport, is something that people can look forward to. This move no doubt, would put Indian aviation on the global map like never before.