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Amazon Listed Company Caught Selling Marijuana: What’s Next?

November 16, 2021
Amazon listed company

Amazon has always been in the news – for better or for worse. The meteorical rise of the E Commerce giant has been nothing short of one of the biggest success stories of our times. With one of the richest men of the world heading what started as a mere online bookstore, Amazon now goes by the unsaid rule of: want anything? Find it here. Yet, as the E Commerce bigwig recently found out, this too comes at a pretty hefty price tag. A company listed on Amazon India was recently found to be selling Marijuana online. This Amazon listed company was looking to make inroads into the illegal drug business by presenting its goods and supplying them through the Amazon supply chain and with a prime partnership with, well – Prime.

For those in the know, Amazon Prime is the service that helps deliver goods at lightening speed. It is also known to keep a strict eye on the quality delivered by the companies and vendors listed here so that the regulations are met for the highest amount of profits. Not to mention, an Amazon listed company is expected to deliver to the highest standards possible when it comes to quality and delivery times. Yet, this time, it may have delivered a little more than promised.

Two people have been nabbed in the case, in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. This shows a steady decline of regulatory action and even promotes the ideal that anything can be sold in the name of profit. This is a misplaced philosophy that requires even more regulations to be developed especially for the world of E Commerce. In keeping with these developments, Secretary General of the Confederation of All India Traders (CIAT) urged the centre to take the case into their hands with strict action against the arrested individuals.