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Aatmanirbhar Dream in a Post Pandemic India

November 12, 2021
Aatmanirbhar dream

How has the Attmanirbhar dream fared in the post pandemic world facing India? Propagated by the Modi government when it first formed the government in India, this word was created as the next generation, future looking concept that would catapult the Make in India program and inject new opportunities into the Indian economy. This was pre pandemic times. During the pandemic, this may have been the furthest thing from the minds of all those hit by the pandemic and its adverse effect on the economy. Yet, two years on, we are being told by the Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, that the Aatmanirbhar dream is very much alive and kicking with even more opportunities than before thanks to infusion of concepts like inclusion and greater participation of private bodies as well as the total revival of the Indian economy.

While the pandemic has opened up local buying and selling like never before, it has also brought inclusion closer home and made us more global in our approach. The example of the Hunar Haat helped in UP this week is a case in question where the UP CM Yogi mentioned that inclusion has helped the artisans stand tall and stand together on the same stage, which also renders the Aatmanirbhar dream as a reality for many of these multi generational craftsmen.

Further, the rural development programs look towards strengthening communities with better welfare opportunities which leaves them with better energy and resources to tap into numerous opportunities. This is an area where the Aatmanirbhar dream is being taken forward with the intervention and support of private parties who are pouring their CSR funds into making villages and rural areas as well as the authorities much more capable, competent and self sufficient in keeping with the vital Aatmanirbhar dream.