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Will smart education redefine the social makeup of India?

September 25, 2021

Smart education system is a godsend for individuals who want to get the most of their resources in this age of new technology

Schools are altering the old education system by implementing smart classroom systems. The abrupt switch is not limited to private institutions; a handful of public schools have also begun to use smart classrooms. Despite the fact that the crisis is severe, it is advancing our schools and even colleges in terms of technology. Students and teachers, without a doubt, have had to make greater modifications because learning has historically taken place in classrooms. Furthermore, many of them lack the technological tools necessary to take advantage of remote learning.

“One of the approaches that can assist improve the quality of education in India is the use of technology in education. It’s also changing how education is delivered in India. As a result of the present epidemic, there are more opportunities to upgrade infrastructure in the K-12 and higher education sectors. Private schools have already jumped on the e-learning, smart classrooms, and tabs bandwagon, with some making them mandatory as early as pre-primary education. Given the current lock-down situation, many EdTech businesses will likely identify and grab the chance to fill the gap that may arise in bringing more schools into the digital platform.

As far-fetched as it may appear, virtual education may become the new norm in India over the next five years,” stated Teja Gudluru, the Founder and CEO of UDO-now.com. “One of the most important aspects of dealing with Covid-19 is to keep the learning process virtual. Connecting students and teachers via digital platforms and essential software via laptops or phones is the most recent educational shift, attempting to eliminate the need for teachers or classrooms. This is a perfect time to embrace technology and its latest offers in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of education delivery to students through online learning and assessments,” said Kiran Dham, CEO of Globus Infocom Ltd.