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Vice President, PM and Lok Sabha Speaker jointly launch Sansad TV

September 15, 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched Sansad TV along with Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla.

Sansad TV programming will primarily be in four categories – functioning of Parliament and democratic institutions, governance and implementation of schemes/policies, history and culture of India and issues/interests/concerns of contemporary nature.

On this occasion, PM Modi congratulated the team that made this idea a reality. He said that today 62 years have also been completed since the establishment of Doordarshan. This was a very long journey. Many people have contributed to making this journey a success.

PM Modi said that in the rapidly changing times, the role of media and TV channels is also changing rapidly. The 21st century is revolutionizing especially through communication and dialogue. In such a situation, it becomes natural that the channels associated with our Parliament should also transform themselves according to these modern arrangements.

The Prime Minister said that democracy is not just a system for India, it is an idea. Democracy in India is not only a constitutional structure, but it is a spirit. Democracy in India is not only a collection of streams of constitutions, it is our lifestream.

PM Modi said, “My experience is – “Content is connected.” That is, when you have better content, people automatically connect with you. As much as this applies to the media, it is equally applicable to our parliamentary system! Because there is not only politics in Parliament, there is also policy.

Sansad TV will have two channels to broadcast Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha proceedings.

According to reports, Karan Singh will host a show on various religions, Bibek Debroy on history and Amitabh Kant on ‘Transformation of India’.

Apart from relocating the offices of Rajya Sabha TV to properties of the Lok Sabha secretariat, the administration of Sansad TV is also expected to shift into the hands of Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla through the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

The integration of assets and manpower may also lead to some downsizing. While the committee has recommended that the merged Sansad TV be run with a resource pool of 225 to 250 people, RSTV currently has 250 personnel while LSTV has about 110 staffers