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UN Launches $160 Million Response Plan In Pakistan As Devastating Monsoons Continue

August 31, 2022
Pakistan monsoon

Following the devastating floods and landslides that are affecting more than 33 million people in Pakistan, the United Nations and the country’s government launched a response plan valued at more than 160 million dollars on Tuesday in Islamabad and Geneva.

The figures that have caused the disasters to speak for themselves: more than 1,100 people, including more than 350 children, have lost their lives, more than 1,600 injured, more than 287,000 houses completely and 662,000 partially destroyed, more than 735,000 heads of dead cattle and two million acres of affected crops, in addition to serious damage to communication infrastructure.

The Pakistan Flood Response Plan 2022 seeks to cover the needs of 5.2 million people and includes items in food security, assistance to agriculture and livestock, shelter and non-food items, nutrition programs, primary health services, protection, water and sanitation, among others, for a total of 160.3 million dollars.

The UN Secretary-General graphically described the magnitude of the tragedy in his video message issued during the launch of the response plan.

“The Pakistani people are facing a monsoon on steroids. More than 1,000 people have died and millions of lives have been affected. This gigantic crisis calls for urgent collective action to help the Government and people of Pakistan in their time of need”, warned António Guterres.

The High Commissioner of the UN Agency for Refugees pointed out that the international community must increase its support and help Pakistan in the response to this catastrophe and recalled that the Asian nation hosts about 1.3 million registered Afghan refugees.

“The rains and floods have been catastrophic for millions of people. We urgently need global support and solidarity for Pakistan in these difficult times,” said Filippo Grandi, praising the country’s 40-year tradition of hosting refugees.

So far, the agency has provided more than 71,000 emergency relief items to refugee villages and host communities.

These items include tents, plastic sheeting, sanitary products, stoves, blankets, solar lamps, and sleeping mats. In addition, he provided 10,000 sacks to help build barriers around homes. The delivery supplied so far amounts to more than 1.5 million dollars.

The 33 million people the Pakistani government estimates are affected by floods and landslides including some 8.2 million women of reproductive age.

The United Nations Population Fund estimates that nearly 650,000 pregnant women require maternal health services to ensure safe pregnancy and childbirth in these areas.

Among them, some 73,000 are expected to give birth in the coming month, requiring skilled midwives, newborn care and support. In addition, many women and girls are at increased risk of gender-based violence, considering that almost a million houses have been damaged.