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Teachers’ Body Slams NCERT for Removing Chapters Related to Climate Change

July 9, 2022

Teachers Against the Climate Crisis (TACC), A teachers’ body released a statement slamming the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) for removing certain chapters on climate change from the school syllabi.

“We are deeply dismayed by the many recent changes to school syllabi by the NCERT,” the organisation said.

“Among these, and directly related to an entire chapter on the Greenhouse Effect from the Class 11 Geography syllabus, an entire chapter on Weather, Climate, Weather Systems and Water from the Class 7 syllabus, and information about the Indian Monsoon from the Class 9 syllabus,” the TACC asserted.

Recently, The NCERT deleted chapters on critical issues such as climate change and monsoon from the syllabus to reduce the load on students in view of Covid-19 disruptions in the last two years, claimed a group of college and university teachers fighting climate change. Around 30 per cent of the syllabi has been reduced for this academic session, they said.

TACC seeks to promote understanding about climate and has members across universities and research institutions across India, said it appreciates NCERT’s efforts to manage learning deficit in wake of the Covid-19 pandemic by seeking to reduce students’ workload by culling material – as explained on its website – however, “none of these concerns apply to fundamental issues such as climate change science, the Indian monsoon, and the other chapters that have been deleted.”