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Tata Mumbai Marathon Raises ₹30 crore For 249 NGOs Through Its Philanthropy Partner

January 12, 2023
Tata Mumbai Marathon

The 18th edition of the Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM) has raised over ₹30 crore for 249 NGOs making it the largest sports philanthropy platform. This has been possible with the help and support of United Way Mumbai (UWM), the event’s philanthropy partner. During the pandemic years also, the TMM community had raised ₹5.71 crore for 157 NGOs working on Covid relief activities.

Since its inception in 2004, TMM, which ranks amongst the top 10 marathons in the world, This year, the theme of the marathon is #HarDilMumbai.

As the philanthropy partner of the TMM, UWM’s primary responsibility is to enable non-profits to raise funds and awareness for their projects while maintaining a cause-neutral, level-playing field. UWM provides a robust digital platform, empowering civil society organisations on capacity building, through this world-famous marathon.

From a cumulative total of ₹1.4 crore through 12 NGOs in the inaugural edition to a cumulative ₹346 crore as of today for over 750 NGOs, philanthropy at the event, has made great strides.

TMM 2023 has over 11,000 people running to support causes, of which almost 8,000 are representing the corporate world. As corporates can create employee engagement, raise funds and contribute philanthropically, the TMM has become the event of choice for India Inc., with over ₹17 crore coming from this segment.

Individuals creating awareness and fundraising for various causes is the bedrock of the philanthropic impact of the TMM. This year, 848 individuals are raising funds for causes ranging from civic issues, culture, sports, education, environment, health, human rights, inclusion and others. Among them, 130 have raised over ₹1.5 lakh each. The highest individual fundraiser for this year’s event is Shyam Jasani who has raised ₹1crore. Mr Gagan Banga, Mr Sadashiv Rao, Ms. Meera Mehta and Ms. Aarti Shah are among those who have raised over ₹50 lakh each.

George Aikara, United Way Mumbai CEO, said: “We have the privilege of championing the philanthropy pillar of this extraordinary event. The Tata Mumbai Marathon is a force for social good and an excellent extension of the work we do in our communities and the impact that we make in the development sector. The ever-growing number of individuals, companies and non-profits is a testament to the power of the event to bring so many people onto common ground. This year we have 848 fundraisers of which 567 are doing it for the very first time and of which 253 are Young Leaders or individuals under the age of 21 years. 177 companies have shown their faith in the event to be a catalyst for change and 8,000 runners representing these companies will take to the street to effect real and lasting change.

“In this journey, there have been some extraordinary individuals who have raised phenomenal amounts. The one crore barrier has been broken a record 15 times. At the event, individuals raising over a crore are given the status of ‘Change Legends’. In 2017, Mihir Doshi was the first to get the status, followed by Sankara Raman in 2018 and then again in 2019. The same year, Abhay Jasani, VS Parthasarathy, Villy Doctor, KVS Manian and Sanjeev Shah also raised over a crore.”

Vivek Singh, Jt MD, Procam International, said, “The Tata Mumbai Marathon has grown far beyond running. It has become a catalyst for change for the greater good, as it was intended to. Post-Covid, we as a society have further realised the importance of empathy, wellness and social good; and the funds raised this year with the support of our Philanthropy Partner United Way Mumbai is a reflection of this.”