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Social Impact Programs Enjoy 5000 Cr Funding by Vedanta Group

November 10, 2021
Vedanta Group

In a landmark CSR based decision and announcement in healthcare, the Anil Agarwal led Vedanta Group has pledged an investment of 5000 Crores in programs revolving around definitive social impact. These programs will cater to social causes like nutrition, animal welfare, women and children welfare, as well as healthcare. The program will run over a period of 5 years.

With social impact at its very core, the investment and the program by the Vedanta Group will aim specifically at rural areas with a wide investment in the Swasth Gaon Abhiyaan (the healthy village endeavour). This initiative will specifically cater to 1000 villages in 24 districts, across 12 states in India. The focus of the program as of now is to make these areas Covid free in a short time.

How will the social impact be structured in order for the changes to reach out to individuals and organizations in these regions? Let us take a quick look to understand this:

  • Interventions at the district level will be carried out so as to affect policy and the execution of the same;
  • This would include the generation and promotion of medical diagnostic infrastructure by the Vedanta Group in tandem with the district organizations;
  • The telemedicine services in such under served areas will also get a boost thanks to this financial aid;
  • Oxygen generation plants will be promoted by the Vedanta Group with the support of the local authorities;
  • Mobile medical vans and ambulance networks and services will be established as well, so as to ensure that there is no dearth of transportation and conveyance especially for emergency cases;
  • Better connectivity and better facilities along with support to the local and district level authorities will help in establishing better end to end medical and nutrition services;
  • The general standard of healthcare, hygiene and nutrition will be positively affected when the Vedanta Group kickstarts its actions and financial aid.