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Red Health Launches Air Ambulance Service For Critical Medical Evacuation

April 28, 2023
Red Health-Air Ambulance

RED.Health, India’s largest medical emergency response platform has recently expanded its offerings to launch Air Ambulance services. The RED.Health Air Ambulance service is now available to provide state-of-the-art medical emergency services with robust technology across 550+ cities in India via air. RED.Health aims to integrate an extremely fragmented market of Air Ambulance into one platform to streamline cost variations and enable a committed team that  can evacuate a patient safely through clinical expertise.

RED.Health has a fleet of 8 specialised aircrafts that can evacuate patients from any terrain or geography of the nation timely and efficiently. RED Air Guardian not only enables air transfer for medical emergencies; but also ensures surface transport to and from the airport. We manage 25+ aircrafts parked on the airports all across India and 10+ aircrafts parked in different parts of the world, to cater to overseas air evacuation. While we are accessible to most parts of India, we actively do air evacuations from cities like Raipur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR; and parts of Middle eastern countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Doha.

RED Air Guardian maintains the highest level of care and clinical proficiency while evacuating each patient to the specialised medical facility. All the ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, defined SOPs, Clinical Pathways, an excellent Medico-legal framework, and a team of highly qualified Critical Care professionals.

Commenting on the development, Prabhdeep Singh, Founder & CEO, RED.Health said, “At RED.Health we take pride in reaching the patient in just 15 minutes. Taking a step forward, we are now equipped to save more and more lives in parts of the country where specialised or robust medical facilities are unavailable. Our Air Ambulance service can assist patients who need to be transferred long distance in case of emergency to a specialised medical facility. Our Team constantly strives to be efficient and empathetic, which not only makes our services faster but also ensures zero casualties in a field where the entire medical industry is competing for the best patient experience and dependability. We are determined to advance our goal of creating 911 for Indian healthcare with this new endeavour”.

 RED AIR Guardian now has the ability to use helicopters to transport patients from challenging and inaccessible areas and perform services like Repatriation, Bed to Bed transfer, Airport to Airport transfer, Rural evacuation, remote evacuation even without having access to the airports. The highly effective team is equipped with state-of-the-art clinical pathways and evacuation protocols, and the medical director on board is an expert in cardiac anaesthesia and critical care to ensure safety of a patient.