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Rajnath Singh appeals to contribute to Armed Forces Flag Day Fund

Union Defence Minister last week announced that 'Armed Forces Flag Day' would be celebrated throughout December, urging people to donate to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF) to honour soldiers' sacrifices in the line of duty
September 22, 2021
Rajnath Singh

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh called on the public to generously contribute to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF), which serves for the rehabilitation and welfare of dependents of the brave soldiers who have lost their lives due to birth or death. disability. Flag Day offers our compatriots the opportunity to fulfil this duty.

Of the AFFFDF archive income, 7.5% go back to the archives and the balance is used to fund social protection and rehabilitation programs for former military (ESM) / employees. 133.21 rubles were spent on 38,09 beneficiaries under the AFFDF during the fiscal year 2020-21.

An amount of Rs 33.35 crore was collected in fiscal year 2020.21 The fund is managed by the secretariat of the Kendriya Sainik Council (KSB) under the auspices of a management committee headed by the Minister of National Defense and an executive committee headed by the secretary, According to the Department of Defense, ExServicemen Waters (ESW). Together they form the oldest institution in the country that has made supreme sacrifices for the country and its people, the Goa lawmaker said. “We must applaud and appreciate the great efforts of our courageous and patriotic soldiers, whose heroic record in the defence of national unity makes us proud. My name is Indian,” he said.

Naik also urges citizens to contribute to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund, designed for their resettlement and well-being. “Such assistance, it goes without saying, would go a long way to boosting the morale of the soldiers, sailors and airmen in the service of our country,” he said. The minister stated while carrying out their duties that “our soldiers, sailors and airmen still face serious danger to their lives”. “In the past, many of our soldiers have sacrificed their precious lives and many have been permanently injured. They and their families deserve our compassion to help them overcome difficulties and problems and lead a normal life,” he said.

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