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June 2022



The internet has transformed our lives in ways unimagined. It has opened up the vast possibilities of cyberspace, democratised knowledge and markets, helped trade and commerce, to name a few aspects. It has certainly empowered people and handed them tools of progress. Overall, the internet has brought enormous benefit to the human race. But it has also bred a new type of criminal-cybercriminals.
These are people who lurk in the shadows of the internet to prey on unsuspecting victims. They swindle money, they stalk, they steal personal data for selling in the dark corners of the internet, which are mostly hidden from us, and infect phones and computers, among other things. With each passing year, the incidence of cybercrime keeps rising. And India has emerged as one of the hotspots of cybercrime.
As this month’s cover story reveals, cybercrime in India has shot up by more than 300% in the past four years, according to data published by the National Crime Records Bureau. These are just the reported cases. In many instances, cybercrime victims are hesitant to report the incidents to police, which means the unofficial number of cybercrimes committed in India could be much higher. With the increase in cybercrime and cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, the government is pushing for greater surveillance, as the latest directive issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology proves. The net result is that ordinary Indians are trapped in the middle as both sides escalate their attempts to capture ever more personal data.

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