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Private Companies Intervene for Unhindered Learning: Anil Agarwal Foundation

November 18, 2021
Anil Agarwal Foundation

It is a well known fact that education and the state of education is one of the foremost indicators of the state of progress as well as the level of welfare accorded to a region. While India has been in the news for the National Educational Policy or the NEP that was restructured to transform education last year, there has also been considerable debate about the way the country has fared in terms of delivery education, or rather access to it, in various quarters and regions of the country. In this regard, the work of many foundations like the Anil Agarwal Foundation is to be hailed as one that offers a whole new perspective in social impact.

After its landmark pledge for rural development, the Vedanta Group Founder Anil Agarwal used the Anil Agarwal Foundation in order to have a more far reaching impact on education. The philosophy was to ensure that the education and learning process for children must not stop merely due to lack of access or infrastructure. The E Content has been developed accordingly to reach children on desktop applications even as e content in Hindi is being made available to those in Hindi medium schools in remote areas. The focus of the group’s CSR and the foundation would be on inclusion and rural development.

The participation of such private players to intervene and equip the local authorities with the right technology and funds to create the basis for higher education and empowerment is a step in the right direction. This makes the society in these areas much more socially inclusive even as it empowers the individuals and families with the opportunity for greater economic welfare participation. The Anil Agarwal Foundation has touched the lives of more than 4 lakh students during the pandemic thanks to its far reaching programs.