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Public-Private Partnerships Power Fight Against NCDs

November 20, 2021
healthcare CSR

NCDs or Non Communicable Diseases in India are one of the most concerning things on the medical landscape, and rightly so. Not only are these very deeply entrenched as some of the major diseases that we find prevalent in our country, we can also see how our infrastructure is ill equipped to deal with these diseases or even prevent them. In such a case, the healthcare CSR effort is one that we must look towards. When we are faced with a crisis that mere policy cannot fix, there is a need for intervention from private parties who would mindfully allocate funds and time towards such concerns.

In this sense, the healthcare CSR scene in India has always delivered. One can see that even in the recent times, much of the CSR and philanthropy effort has centered around better healthcare infrastructure, access and awareness. From the Vedanta Group to several others, there have been recent reports of how rural development programs launched as a part of the CSR efforts of these groups are winning hearts for their well planned approach towards working with the local authorities to empower them for better implementation.

Further, there has been a definite focus on inclusion since most of these CSR efforts are centered around supporting minorities and representing the needs of these communities in a far better manner. In such cases the Public Private Partnerships have provided much succor and the biggest indicator of this would be the way we have managed to come out of a deadly second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic in our country – a situation that was widely disruptive. The private players are joining hands with the government in order to ensure that they can bring down the existing rate of 2/3rd Indians who lose to fatalities in NCDs every single year.